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Luxury — as it ought to be.

Only the brands you love. Personalized, insider treatment just for you.
All in your own private world.

For Consumers

For Luxury Brands

The Web = Surveillance.

Silicon Valley tracks and compiles everything we do online — even luxury shopping. Every relationship and communication is under surveillance. And, yes, everywhere you go with that smartphone in your pocket is tracked.

That's a drag: Surveillance = low-rent.

Shouldn't you demand better — especially from luxury purveyors?

Why? Surveillance = $$$

It’s all about getting you to buy more stuff!

Silicon Valley wants to push more finely targeted ads into your social media feeds, email, searches, and computer/tablet/phone screens while surfing and shopping.

Surrendering our privacy is the price we must pay for the "free" Web, right?

But not at Primoux.

We believe luxury consumers deserve better than the low-rent secret surveillance routine served up by Silicon Valley.

Here luxury means we care only about loyalty - between you and your luxury brand BFFs.

Primoux is a brand new, yet radically simple way to elevate ecommerce to an authentic luxury experience, matching what you demand in real-life luxury.

Primoux is about...

  • Real relationships with your best brand BFFs — without the surveillance.
  • Discerning consumers loyal only to the products they love — not just "like".
  • High-end brands that deliver authentic excellence in-store and online — no more compromised Web experiences.
  • Challenging Silicon Valley's prevailing Surveillance Paradigm for ecommerce with the Primoux Paradigm — based on trust built through real relationships.

Surveillance vs. Primoux paradigm: Which do you prefer?

Soon you can join with us at Primoux to launch a New Luxury revolution, via our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the exciting campaign launch details!

We need your support! Tell global luxury brands we deserve better for our premium dollars—treatment that matches the luxury experience we get in real life.

Please tell your friends to join the New Luxury revolution!

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Luxury — as it ought to be.

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